Mercedes MD1/MG1 ECU Unlock

We did it first. The exclusive and long-awaited solution for Mercedes MD1/MG1 2020+ cars is here.
As leaders of the chiptuning industry, we are excited to provide you with the opportunity to tune 4 different Mercedes platforms:

Are you ready to bring your customer’s car to a whole new level?
You can do it in 4 easy steps:


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Please, refer below for pricing.

Mercedes Platform






1.95D with MD1CP001 (MRD1/MRD1NFZ)

€ 290



2.9D with MD1CP001 (MRD1)

€ 390



2.0T with MG1CP002 (MRG1 AMG R4)

€ 390



3.0T with MG1CP002 (MRG1)

€ 490

*OM654 platform on W907 build after 11/2022 might not be possible at this time.
Please contact our team before buying the unlock on [email protected]


Send your parcel with ECU to bFlash team


bFlash by BCConsulting
Tav Unlock Service
Dimitri Van Buggenhout
Molenweg 94 unit 2
2830 Willebroek (Blaasveld)
+352 691 230 974

  • Add return label* (We accept UPS and DHL delivery)

  • Include a document, which has an info sheet about the car.
    You can download the template in pdf.

  • Mention invoice reference for bFlash Unlock order(s)

Please don't ship ECU without an invoice/order.


Our team will perform OBD Unlock

  • You parcel will be shipped within 24-48 hours**

  • All shipping costs must be covered by the sender. To ensure smooth delivery, please, include the return label in the parcel. If we cannot confirm the return address, your package will not be sent back.

  • UPS & DHL delivery:
    We have a pick-up schedule from Tuesday to Friday before 16:30 CET. If we receive your parcel during this time window, we will send it back the same or the next business day.


  1. We do not accept any ECU, that was previously opened.

  2. If you send us an ECU with a (UART/CAN/FLEXRAY) BUS analyser installed, the ECU will not be unlocked and no refund is possible.


Program it with bFlash OBD protocol

Once you receive the ECU, you can program it with bFlash OBD protocol.

Do you have the ECU only?
No problem, our team will supply you a schematic to program directly from the ECU connector.

Read is not possible, you will be supplied with the read file by our team at the time of the unlock.


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Hello customers & friends,

Today I'm proud to announce that our team has released a solution for a wide variety of Mercedes MD1/MG1 2020+ cars. After initial unlock, you can flash locked Bosch MG1CP002 MPC5777 & Bosch MD1CP001 MPC5777 by OBD (from the OBD port or directly from ECU connector) with bFlash.

Aurelien and the bFlash team have worked very hard on this, to keep pushing our industry forward. I know that the community will welcome this variety of vehicles as most of them are very popular in Europe and other parts of the world!

Classe A

(45 AMG / 45 AMG-S / 180D / 200D / 220D)

AMG GT 4-door

(53 AMG)

Classe B

(180D / 200D / 220D)


(45 AMG / 45 AMG-S / 180D / 200D / 220D)


(53 AMG / 220D / 400D)

Classe E

(53 AMG / 200D / 220D / 400D / 300DE)

Classe G

(350D / 400D)


(45 AMG-S / 180D / 200D / 220D)


(45 AMG / 45 AMG-S / 180D / 200D / 220D)


(200D / 220D / 300D / 350D / 400D / 300DE)


(53 AMG / 300D / 350D / 400D / 350D E)


(350D / 400D)

Sprinter W910

(317 / 319 / 419 / 519 CDI)

Classe V

(220D / 250D / 300D)


(114 / 116 / 119 / 124 CDI)

We realize that sending an ECU over for unlocking to a tool supplier isn’t the most efficient and customer-friendly way in a tuning process, however, allow me to explain why we have to do this.

Over the last few years, our market has become increasingly challenging. Therefore we have to adapt the process in how we approach them. Whenever we came to market with a variety of features that clearly changed our industry for the better, they got copied immediately. In short, all of this is in place to (temporarily) protect our protocol, and customers and avoid the backdoor being closed and/or exposed too soon.

Sending an ECU might look like a complicated endeavour, however, we’ve made it very simple and straightforward.

We assure you that unlocking is done by our team in Belgium and the parcel will be sent back in 1-2 business days.

For any other questions or concerns, you can reach out to me directly.

We hope you will appreciate our efforts, and good luck tuning those Mercedes cars!

Dimitri Van Buggenhout


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