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Where can I find the latest version of bFlash?

The latest version of bFlash can be downloaded here.

Can I install bFlash client on multiple computers?

Yes, bFlash can be installed on multiple devices, you just need to go through the OTP procedure on every device.

Can I use my bFlash offline?

No, bFlash requires an active internet connection. Only bLog can be used offline if the definition was first downloaded with an active internet connection.

My subscription ended last week, can I use my bFlash device?

No, bFlash requires an active subscription in order to work. Subscription can be renewed automatically here.

Where can I find my serial number ?

You can find the serial number on the back of your bFlash device, it's also displayed at the bottom left of the bFlash window when the device is connected. The SN is an 8-digit code.

What are the different bFlash file formats ?

  • bFlash master file (.bdc) - contains all ECU/TCU memory elements in a single file, the content is not encrypted
  • bFlash slave file (.sbdc) - same as .bdc but the content is encrypted, only the slave is able to program this file
  • bFlash bLog file (.mdf) - this log file format is standard and can be opened in any compatible third-party software
  • bFlash bSpy file (.candata) - binary file which contains all CAN messages recorded during the bSpy session

Can I use files from other flash tools ?

No you can't. Each flashtool uses its own layout, some sectors may be missing, encrypted or not ordered identically as bFlash. Please note that bFlash always saves files that are not encrypted, you have full access to the content.

What precautions should I take when working on a vehicle?

  • always check the bFlash HELP section relating to a protocol, useful information can be found there
  • always plug a battery charger before OBD reading/writing
  • check that your internet connection is stable, as it is mandatory during the whole process
  • always read the ECU before writing a file : without backup it can be impossible to restore the ECU in his previous state

What is dyno mode ?

This bFlash feature allows the ABS/ESP to be deactivated in a given vehicle, preventing any intervention on the dyno. If your dyno does not support 4WD, you must unplug the transmission (Haldex...) as usual to switch to 2WD mode. On most vehicles the dyno mode switches to 2WD, but we do not recommend this procedure because it's not the main feature but a consequence !
Keep in mind to deactivate dyno mode before reading / writing any control unit in the vehicle. Caution! Never drive the vehicle on the road with dyno mode enabled for your safety and that of others.

I'm the legal owner of my bFlash device, can I sell it to another user?

Yes, legal owners can sell their bFlash device. The new owner needs to buy bTransfer to transfer the ownership of the device.

How to sell my bFlash device to another user?

You can sell your device following this procedure:

  • step 1 : The legal owner of the slave/master device needs to send an email to confirming acknowledgement and allowing the sale (slave). Keep in mind that the email must come from the email account registered with that device.
  • step 2 : The new owner needs to have/create a bFlash account
  • step 3 : The new owner needs to buy bTransfer from the new account

In order to speed up the process, please include in the communication.

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