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Mercedes OBD Unlock: OM654

Mercedes OBD Unlock: OM654

Exclusive Unlock Service for Mercedes OM654 platform

Flash OM654: 1.95D with MD1CP001 (MRD1/MRD1NFZ)) by OBD or OBD over BENCH

Unlock is valid for bFlash tools only

Information sheet template

ECUs are sent back in 1-2 business days

UPS delivery & DHL pick up services are available

€ 290,00 (*) VAT excl.

The long-awaited solution for Mercedes MD1/MG1 2020+ cars is available exclusively for bFlash users.

This engine type requires purchasing an unlock. It will allow you to flash OM654: 1.95D with MD1CP001 (MRD1/MRD1NFZ) by OBD or OBD over BENCH with the bFlash tool (from the OBD port or directly from the ECU connector).

Attention: MRD2 is not supported.

Please, carefully read the instructions for the process here.

To keep the delivery process hassle-free & smooth, you will be asked to insert the VIN number(s) in your order and mention your invoice reference on the return labels for your parcel. The template is available here.

NOTICE: If the ECU was produced after 01/2023 it might not be possible to unlock it at this time or the process can take longer. In this case, please contact [email protected] BEFORE shipping the ECU and send us the OBD Identification of the ECU.

The process involves 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Purchase bFlash Unlock Package for your engine type.

  • Step 2: Send your parcel with ECU to bFlash team at HQ in Belgium.

  • Step 3: Our team will perform OBD Unlock

  • Step 4: Program it with bFlash OBD protocol

The full process is explained on bflash.eu/mercedes-unlock

  • Do you have the ECU only? No problem, our team will supply you with a schematic to program directly from the ECU connector

  • Read is not possible, you will be supplied with the read file by our team at the time of the unlock

  • Software and calibration areas can be programmed. EEPROM and bootloader flash are not available

  • ONLY bFlash device can be used for programming. No other tools are supported


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