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bFlash® is your must have tool for automotive control unit reprogramming.



bFlash is a unique solution developed by automotive experts for professional chiptuners, calibration engineers and control unit (ECU and TCU) repair shops.
Through high standard engineering and innovation, we strive to continuously improve our product and deliver bespoke solutions to our industry : the first all-in-one tool on the market combining multi-method control unit programming, datalogging, diagnostic and real time tuning ability.

ecu programming



realtime tuning

log review

car network analysis


Don't take our word for it.

Michael Knaus
100% worth the wait!
Having used the tool countless time's since having it and yet to have a issue. RS3 8p over obd was a nice touch. Be able to data log and flash with the same tool is great. Still need to remind my brain i don't have to swap obd port to data logging tool. A tool every real tuning shop needs! 5 Star.
Simon Bevan
Absolutely brilliant tool and support from these guys !!
Couldn’t be happier with all the help they have provided and of course the tool is amazing !!Thanks
Di Dier
Outstanding company.
Everything in their list works, that's the most important thing. You'll never hit an issue of a non working protocol, non working logging, besides that it's ultra fast. Updates are coming lightning fast and they work flawlessly. A must have for every professional tuning company!


Supported Control Units


OBD Protocols


Bench Protocols


Boot Protocols


Diagnostic Protocols


Datalogging Protocols

We believe a control units list can be considered as a more safe approach to correctly target the overall tuning procedure due to the fact that a lot of brands offer identical car models & versions that share different Control Unit types.

Please note that bFlash can help you select the right protocol with its auto-detection feature during identification on most control units.

complete list


bFlash® Master


  • OBD/BENCH/BOOT ECU+TCU read&write unencrypted files
  • ECU+TCU DTC read/clear
  • ECU+TCU Datalogging
  • CAN Bus recording module
  • Real time tuning module

bFlash® Slave


  • OBD/BENCH/BOOT ECU+TCU read&write encrypted files
  • ECU+TCU DTC read/clear
  • ECU+TCU Datalogging
  • CAN Bus recording module

bFlash® 6 pin EU5 BikeOBD cable

bFlash® Power supply

bFlash® Universal TCU BENCH Cable

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