bFlash is your must have tool for automotive control unit reprogramming.

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Our Features

bFlash offers more than any other ECU flash tool. It is packed with powerful features, such as multi-method control unit programming, data logging, diagnostics, and real-time tuning.

ECU Programming
High-speed & safe reading and writing of ECU and TCU via OBD, BENCH, and BOOT methods.
Basic SAE/OBDII datalogging, manufacturer-specific datalogging (KWP/UDS), and advanced datalogging via user-provided A2L (RMBA/CCP/XCP/Custom bFlash patch).
Vehicle Diagnostics
Reading and clearing of fault codes for various ECU and TCU. Depending on the control unit, the list of faults can be retrieved either in SAE/OBDII mode or manufacturer-specific mode (KWP/UDS).
Real Time tuning
The adjustment is carried out in real-time via the diagnostic socket, on a previously patched ECU.
Datalogging review
The built-in data analysis tool lets users evaluate control units’ measurement data in MDF (Measurement Data Format) format.
CAN BUS Recording
Record and save the communication and files that the OEM diagnostic tool is sending to the car during a software update at the dealership.


Instead of bFlash car list, we provide you with ECU and TCU lists as many brands offer identical car models & versions that share the same Control Unit Types. Search for your model below.


Discover Exclusive and World First protocols available for bFlash users:


Wondering why bFlash is considered one of the best ECU programming tools? Learn how tuning centers, automotive workshops and calibration engineers around the globe use bFlash and change the way they do business.

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About us

bFlash was created when a team of experienced automotive engineers wanted to have an all-in-one solution, which would satisfy your needs, whether you are a calibration engineer, a tuning dealer or you own a repair shop.

Today bFlash is the tool trusted by tuners and calibration engineers in 120+ countries. Our in-house team takes care of everything: research and development, marketing, sales, and support.

We know the market from A to Z, which allows us to consistently release new protocols and assist each of our customers individually. Oh, and we like memes too.

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