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bFlash® Slave

bFlash® Slave

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bFlash Slave is a must-have tool for every chip tuning professional, calibration engineer, and ECU/TCU repair shop. With the Slave tool, you can read and write encrypted tuning files.

bFlash Slave comes with 5 powerful features: high-speed flashing, basic and advanced datalogging, diagnostics, CAN Bus recording, and datalogging review. Our user-friendly software automatically identifies ECU and the checksum is automatically corrected by the tool during the writing process.

Every bFlash Slave tool must be linked to bFlash Master tool.

bFlash is a tool trusted by automotive professionals around the world.

What is included in the bFlash kit?
  • USB cable

  • OBD2 cable

  • OBD2 Y-splitter

  • Universal BOOT+BENCH cable

  • Universal BENCH Cable for TCU

  • Tripod probe positioning kit

  • 4.2A Power supply with EU/US/UK/AUS adapters

kit contains one cable of each

  • OBD/BENCH/BOOT ECU+TCU read&write encrypted files

  • ECU+TCU DTC read/clear

  • ECU+TCU Datalogging

  • CAN Bus recording module

  • An up-to-date version of Microsoft Windows 10 or 11

  • Microsoft .NET 4.6.2

  • Desktop/laptop PC running Microsoft Windows with x86 or x64 processor (Intel® Core™ i3 or up, Ryzen 3 or up)

  • At least 1366x768 px screen resolution

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM

  • Minimum 2 GB of free disk space

  • One free 2.0 USB port

  • Internet access with 2 Mbps or higher bandwidth


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