Software of bFlash®

ECU Programming

ECU Programming

bFlash is a highly advanced and extremely reliable ECU programming tool. bFlash can read and write over 400 different ecu types, covering over 6000 different model/engine combinations. The programming is either done by

  • OBD ( CAN, K-Line, Ethernet )
  • In Bench modus ( connecting directly to the ecu without opening it )
  • BDM ( background debugging module )
  • Bootmode
  • JTAG

Designed to OEM specifications, the bFlash has all the communication hardware that car manufacturers will be using up to 2030, included the latest M_CAN.

Finally and although we have an engineering team working every day to add new protocols for the latest car models, the developer mode of the bFlash allows you to add your own (new) protocols and/or RSA keys for a specific ECU, making it the tool of choice for many of the best tuners in the world.

More info on our read/write methods